The Company

Biselli Foraggi was set up in October, 2004 by Rossano Biselli. A young and dynamic spirit combined with fast procurement are factors which boosted the company’s constant growth and helped create today’s Biselli Foraggi Group srl.

A reliable partner you can always count on

Biselli Foraggi Group is today a reliable partner which animal farmers can count on, and that goes both for large farms and smaller breeders. Biselli Foraggi Group provides farmers with regular and constant supplies of Straw, Hay, Alfalfa and Fodder for cows, horses, goats, pigs, sheep and poultry.

Selected quality products

Our constant quest for top-quality fodder and products is guided by our love of animals and the environment. Biselli Foraggi Group is in fact an organic company certified by CEA Istituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale.

Our logistics optimizes your warehouse

Biselli Foraggi Group, thanks to its storage warehouses in Piacenza and Brescia, and to its close-knit and efficient network of hauliers, manages to provide deliveries tailored to the needs of individual farms, including bulk products (pellets, biogas products or raw materials) with tip-up trucks, trucks with augers and walking-floor trucks. The logistic organization of the Biselli Foraggi Group manages to optimize customer storage and warehousing and provide an excellent and personalized service able to cater to individual needs. In this perspective, we manage free plastic collection services with waste form completion.

Our qualified personnel will assist you through the various goods sale and storage stages, and ensure extremely high quality standards.

Constant quest for best value for money

Speedy delivery

Certified-quality products

Competitive prices

Efficient logistics for international deliveries

Certified organic products